Roulette Odds

Now you know all the roulette bets and how much you can win with each one. So we come to the most interesting part of the article. It is time to calculate the roulette odds and find out the long-term value of each roulette bet.

I have calculated the RTP (player win) for each of the bets listed in the tables below. This is what we call the payout ratio. The payout ratio is the long-term expected value of a bet. You can dig deeper into the topic in my article on RTP and variance.

Inside bets: odds

Some of these bets are only available in the American or European versions of the game, so some cells are empty.

Note that the RTP of the “top line” bet in American roulette is lower than the RTP of any other roulette bet. This is because this bet covers five numbers and only pays the value of the bet x7. If the winnings of this bet were 7.2 times the bet, it would have the same RTP as the other bets of American roulette. So it is not a good idea to put chips on the “top line” bet.

Advertised bets: odds

The advertised bets are special. These are smaller bets that cover various sectors of the roulette table. This means that the odds of the advertised bets can be divided into the odds of the individual smaller bets.

Therefore, I will not include the RTP of these bets as I have for standard internal and external bets. Every advertised bet made on a zero roulette has an RTP of 97.3%. The advertised bets I have mentioned in this article are internal bets, which means that the RTP of the total bet cannot be influenced by the special roulette rules that change the RTP of the balanced probability bets.

Advertised bets are used almost exclusively in European (French) roulette. However, if they were used (with some modification) in American roulette, they would have an RTP of 94.74%, unless they contained the “top line” bet, which has a different RTP and would slightly change the RTP of the total bet.

These are the bets and rules that can change the advantage of the casino house:

  • The “Surrender” rule reduces the house edge in double zero roulette for balanced probability bets (red/black, odd / even, high/low) to approximately 2.6%.
  • The “top line” bet covering the numbers 0, 00, 1, 2, and 3 on a double zero roulette has the highest house edge on a roulette table: 7.9%.

The smaller the house edge, the better for the players. From the point of view of the RTP and the house edge, the balanced probability bets of French roulette, either with “La Partage” or “En Prison,” are the most advantageous for players, since statistically only they will lose 1.35% of the number of their bets.

Tips to choose the best online casinos

If you are a person who love casino games or gambling ทดลอง เล่น สล็อต but fails to visit the real casino site, then don’t worry, in this article, you will able to learn how to choose the right online casinos. When it comes to online casinos, they are numerous sites available for gamblers to play, but choosing the right one is difficult among the all is tougher. Apart from all these, the facilities provided by the online casinos will attractive betting lovers, all you need is have is smartphones or laptops with a reliable internet facility to enjoy everything at the fingertips. 

About online casinos:

Online gambling became popular among the gamblers at the time where some peoples started to protest against the government to close the casino shops. During that period, the casino shop owners closed their center temporarily, because of that, their income was affected. They started to think of various ways to earn, so they started online casino games for casino lovers by creating a website for the games. 

Casino International | What Can We Expect From Online Gambling Going Into  2020

To take that to next level, they approached the digital marketing platform in promoting the website; likewise, it became popular among casino lovers. After the opening of casino shops also, online casino games became unmovable among the gamblers. 


Get information online:


If you are the person who wants to know more information regarding online gambling, then try to approach the best site among the thousands to know real information regarding online casino games. With the endless popularity of gambling, it has been developed to the next level with additional features to attract their targeted players. When you prefer to play online casinos you can able to find out loads of exciting and thrilling gambling games to play. Even the rules and gameplay vary according to the site you have chosen to play. Before getting into play you need to make sure that you are choosing the right site to play before getting into the field.

 How to choose the right one?

As the beginners, it is tougher to choose the right one among the thousands, in case you have chosen the site to play casino games. You may still doubt whether it is safe and secure for both the personal details and money. It is not the time to worry when you have follows the steps while selecting the site.

How to understand if software in online casino is licensed or fake?

  • Reputation- In the world of casino real and fake casinos names have become normal, as the gamblers, you need to aware of this fraud. For that, you need to check the site’s reputation among the public by viewing the comments or getting from friends or relatives who have already part of this site. Apart from that, by viewing the online reviews you can able to know about their policy, safety, and much more.
  • Security- Safety is the main thing when you prefer online casinos, because, everyone living in the modern world, where they are some peoples out they waiting to stole information for money. So, when selecting the gambling site you need to check ask the question to the customer services whether it is safe for personal details and money.


How are the RTP and the house edge calculated in roulette?

As I have already mentioned, roulette is a relatively simple game, so it is quite easy to calculate the RTP and the house edge. In this part of the article, I will explain why the casino always has an advantage in roulette, since it is something mathematically related to the operation of this game and its odds.

To do the calculations, I will use European 96Ace online casino roulette without special rules. However, these same calculations can be used for other types of roulette, with some changes that make this game more or less advantageous for the casino.

You could go ahead and do calculations like these for every possible bet of European roulette, but it is not necessary. Roulette bet payouts are calculated using the same formula, which means that each European roulette bet has the same RTP of 97.3% (statistically, the player wins $ 0.973 for every $ 1 wagered).

In the case of American roulette, the calculations are very similar. All you have to do is replace each number “37” in your calculations with “38” since there are 38 possible outcomes in a double zero roulette game.

All results are less likely to occur in American roulette than in European roulette (other than “00”, which does not exist on the roulette wheel of zero), while the payouts are the same. This is precisely why American roulette has a worse RTP of 94.74%.

Furthermore, American roulette has a bet with an even worse RTP (92.1%). This is due to the non-standard odds of winning (5/38) and the payouts (bet x7) of the “top line” bet. The calculation of the RTP for this bet is: Expected value (bet on the top line of $ 1) = $ 7 * (5/38) = 35/38 = 0.921.

The house margin can be easily calculated using RTP as follows:

House margin = 1 – RTP


Roulette is not the most likely to win a casino game, nor is it the most exciting. However, many believe it to be the classiest board game out there, making it a great experience.

In addition, roulette has very simple rules and offers fairly good odds to the player. It can be played even without knowing the mechanics of the game, although I think it is always good to do a little research and study to understand the basic operation and make good decisions.

So I decided to write this article. I hope you found it useful and I wish you good luck at the roulette tables if you decide to try your luck with this game.

Odds and Winning Percentage

There are so many variations of slots today that knowing what your odds are is practically impossible. Instead, the odds of the slots are expressed as percentages of profit. As a player, you’ll want to search for games that give you the highest percentage you can find, and online that should be 99% or more.

It is rumored that physical casinos even have slot games that pay more than 100%. Casinos supposedly place these games in important areas, so that more people can see when someone wins a grand prize. This does not happen online, but the average profit 12 joker casino online is higher than the average you will find in any casino.

For a 5-cent slot game, the average winning percentage in a physical casino is 92.5%. The 25-cent machines pay an average of 94.1%, the dollar machines 95.9%, and the $ 5 machines reach 98.4%. On the Internet, maintenance costs are much lower than in a physical casino, so the percentages can be higher without the house worrying.

On the Internet, most slot games have an average win rate of around 99%. With so many casinos to choose from, if you like slots, you will have to take the time to find the casinos with the highest winning percentages. It may not make much of a difference during a session, but the more you play the game, the more it will become a significant amount.


Jackpots can increase the winning percentage of slot games because the jackpot amount greatly increases the potential profit. If the jackpot is large enough, the payout of a game can easily exceed 100% of the investment, giving players a positive bet situation.

Just remember that when it comes to jackpots, the higher they are, the better the winning percentage. Only maximum bets will qualify for the jackpot, and if you don’t place the maximum bet, your winning percentage drops dramatically.

Fund Management

When it comes to numbers and odds in slot games, fund management is important. These calculations are very easy to learn. You just have to start by calculating how much money you have to spend on the slots. Once you know how much cash you have to spend, you can break that down into gaming sessions. How often you play a session will depend on each player.

It is important for players to understand that playing online slots is about being able to stay in the game as long as possible, and playing it at the correct betting levels will ensure that you can stay long enough to have a good chance of getting an important award. All slot games make your funds decrease gradually until the time of payment arrives, so playing games where the risks are very high will make you lose your funds before that great opportunity presents itself.

Each slot game will make your funds dissimulate at a different rate. It is expected to lose faster in slot games that have a higher payout potential. When the profit potential is lower, as, in many three-reel games, the loss rate will be slower, it is advisable to balance the bets with the loss rate to make sure you have enough money to be able to play all the planned sessions without ending up bankrupt.

On average, in a 90% payout slot game where a player is taking ten spins per minute, a player will need to pay $ 9 an hour on a 5-cent machine, $ 45 an hour on a 25-cent machine $ 180 on a machine dollar, and $ 900 an hour on a $ 5. Online payout percentages are above 90%, but it is usually faster to play online, so these numbers should serve as an appropriate guide.

The most common fund management strategy mistake that players often make is that they don’t stop playing when they are ahead. A predetermined figure needs to be decided, and the player should exit the game if his funds meet or exceed it after a spin that represents a major victory. Leaving the game at the right time is essential to a successful session.

One of the worst things that many players do after a major win is to keep playing just to round off their credit. Don’t throw your money in the trash just to get a round figure. Some players will get rid of a hefty sum just to play a little more in games.

How to choose the right casino?

Choosing the right online casino is one of the most important things for you if you want to play casino games safely. It is not easy for any person to find a world class online casino like mmc996 India casino but it is very important for you. There are a lot of things that you need to consider to choose the right online casino for you. 

It is important for you to pick up an online casino site with high bonuses, fast payout, and top notch games. Here are some things that you can help you to find the right online casino for your casino needs. 

Think about what you want 

Most of the casinos vary greatly and you need to choose the right casino that fulfills your casino needs and requirements. It is important for you to have proper knowledge about your needs so that you can find the right casino. You should look for the online casino games that you want to play and the amount of bonus and many more things that fulfill your casino needs. 

Do effective research 

Before going to register your account on any online casino, you need to make proper research in the market and make sure to find the casino that that a valid gaming license so that you can play the casino games with higher safety. When it comes to choosing the right casino, it is very important for you to make proper research so that you do not have to regret it later. Different states have their different law and rules regarding online gambling and you need to choose the right online casino that is licensed according to the law of your state. You can enjoy highly safe and secure gambling services by choosing a right and reliable casino. 

Visit the casino site 

Once you find out the right casino according to your needs then you can visit the site of the casino and able to make further research. By visiting the site of the online casino, you can check out the registration form, try to load some games and you can also see how the online casino site works. It is also beneficial for you to try out some games and check out the promotions on the site so that you can choose the one best site to enjoy the best casino experience. 

Take the no deposit bonus 

One best way to find out the right online casino is to try the offers with no risk. Every online casino does not offer the no deposit bonus so if any casino offers them then you should take them. It is one convenient way for you to enjoy the real game without risking your own money or it also allows you to win something in the process. 

It is important essential for you to register yourself on only one casino because you can easily register your account on multiple casino sites and able to enjoy the various casino games and bonuses easily.

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What are the qualities of a best online casino?

These days, people love to go jdlthai for gambling and without a doubt, gambling is one of the best things that can give you a lot of enjoyment. In other words, you know that people always try to enjoy their life and also they want money for a better life. So, gambling is one of the best sources that can give you money and enjoyment easily. If we say simply then gambling offers a wide range of games and also you can earn money by gambling. Without a doubt, gambling is very beneficial for people. If we talk about casinos then you know that casinos are amazing and normally known for gambling.

 If we say simply then it is a perfect source of gambling and you can find a lot of games for gambling such as roulette, poker, blackjack, baccarat, and many more. If we say in amazing words then we can say that casino is a perfect option for gambling. These days, most people go with online casinos and if we talk about the qualities of the best online casino then you should read this article. So, today we will find out a conclusion about the qualities of an online casino. So, read the article completely.

List of the qualities of an online casino

There is no doubt that gambling is one of the best sources that can make your life better with various games and money points. So, thousands of people choose online casinos for gambling and truly these casinos are best for people.

Without a doubt, online casinos provide you an easy way of gambling and you can gamble with various games. If we talk about the qualities of the best online casino then you should read the following points.

  1. Money points:

Without a doubt, most people gamble to earn money points and that is why they go with online casinos. If we talk about the qualities of a good online casino then we can take this point. If we say simply then a good online casino always gives you money points or your winning points on time. 

So, always choose an online casino that makes your payment on time.

  1. Quality of server:

Do you want to know about the qualities of a good online casino? If an answer is coming with yes then this point is very important for you. if we say simply then a good online casino service provider should always provide you good quality of the server.

 So, always choose a casino that has a good quality server for you.

  1. Latest games:

If we talk about the quality of a good online casino then this point can be enough for you. If we say simply then a good casino always gives you the latest games to play. Without a doubt, games are very important for gambling and that is why casinos should always give you the latest and famous games.


So, in conclusion, we can say that these qualities are very important for both, the players and the casinos.

Strategies And Guide For Some Of The Most Popular Casino Games

Casino games are undoubtedly one of the most varied forms of gambling out there, and whether you’re a veteran gamer or just having fun from time to time playing slots,

Casino games are dangerous for people who are not very knowledgeable, as they are a mine of opportunities to lose money at once and unseen. Therefore, it is important to have clear concepts such as what is the house edge, what is the best strategy to beat the dealer in blackjack, and what bets are better to avoid in roulette. Reading a solid guide in detail that gives us detailed information on the best slots and table games, and even the opportunity to read the advice of the experts is an excellent starting point to be able to have winning options when we play in any casino.

The Difference Between Skill Games And Games Of Chance

Although people often refer to all casino games as games of chance, the truth is that we can distinguish two different groups: games of skill and games of chance. In order not to get too complicated, we can simply say that skill games are those whose outcome depends on the player’s actions and skill. On the contrary, games of chance always give a random result in which the player has no influence whatsoever. Both types of games can be exciting and extremely entertaining, and the choice of one or the other depends entirely on our personal preferences.

Among the best-known skill games, we can include blackjack, video poker, and online poker. Possibly blackjack is one of the most popular table games in all casinos in the world, and the way we play will decisively influence the profits or losses we obtain. In blackjack, a limited number of hands is dealt with, and there is an optimal play for each situation. By investing a little time and effort, we can learn all the optimal answers, although less experienced players will be happy to know that during online play, they can have all the strategies of blackjack written down to consult them before each play.

As for pure gambling, slot machines are the clearest example, along with roulette and baccarat. There is nothing we can do to influence the spin of the reels or where the roulette ball will land. However, players can find out about the games that offer a higher total return and, therefore, a better chance of winning. Not only that, but in roulette or craps, there are bet types that are more profitable and offer greater possibilities of success.